Antique Appraisal Sessions

Antique Appraisal SessionsWe had a wonderful time with the ladies of St. Bernadette’s Senior Society of Orchard Park. Thank you for having us host your Antique Appraisal Session. Each member brought in different antiques and collectibles, and we discussed current market conditions as well as clear explanations of how to determine the value of prized possessions.

It is a pleasure for us to be able to interact with members in our community, free of charge. We delight in educating and explaining the process to anyone interested, while making sure our valued customers are well cared for.

Some items we examined included oil paintings, stained glass lamps, antique jewelry, antique watches, and childhood toys. One of the most interesting items we saw was the 1930 cast iron and glass child’s doll clothes washer. This toy was used well before the prevalence of Barbie and other modern name brand dolls. As discussed with the members, we revealed the value being somewhere being in the range of $700-$1000 in the current market. They were amazed that something they enjoyed playing with as little girls could be worth so much. The group of members applauded the owner of the washer, as she was praised for her loving care and the fine condition she kept this remarkable treasure.

It is for this reason among many others that we immensely enjoy what we do. This picture shows only the true die-hard fans of our presentation, but over 50 members came throughout the night.

Very nice and trustworthy they pay what your jewelry is worth. If you have anything to sell save yourself a trip and go here first! – Karianne

Great experience from start to finish, the co owner explained the process to me in addition to giving me a great price on my gold. I would not hesitate to use their services again or recommend them! – Andrea L

I was very very happy with Premier Gold ! After checking five places they were the top dollar and very professional. I’m very happy and have made numerous trips back over the last 3 months as well as sending family and friends there. I would recommend to anyone! Very pleased! – Robert

I would 100% recommend them to everybody. They are not looking to take advantage of you money wise, they are polite, honest and patient, they take the time to explain everything to you and give you the money you deserve for your items. It is so nice to know there are still businesses out there that are not looking to screw you over. This was the first time I did business with Premier Gold and I am so happy I went there and I will never go any where else when it comes to selling my old jewelry or coins. – Holly

Costume Jewelry

We are interested in all costume jewelry.

Audio Hi-Fi Tubes

We are interested in all audio hi-fi tubes, no matter the condition, wear, or age.

Movie Memorabilia

We are interested in any and all movie memorabilia from all decades and genres.


We are interested in all types of autographs.

Buffalo, NY Sports

We are interested in all Buffalo, New York sports memorabilia, including (but not limited to) the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bisons, Buffalo Bandits, FC Buffalo, and Buffalo 716ers.