At Premier Gold, Silver & Coins, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of services. Some services we provide include: Estates, Personal Asset Brokerage, Watch Repair, Custom Jewelry Manufacturing, Restoration, and Over the Counter. Please call or email for more information on any of our vast services.


Maximize the value of your families’ most precious possessions. Don’t settle for simply an “estate sale” but allow us to show you the impact of personal asset brokerage. Please call to inquire about our unique estate services.

Watch Repair

  • We specialize in antique watch repair, service and restoration, including completely restored antique timepieces, returning pieces to like-new condition, preserving your family heirlooms and history, and fully servicing your watches (clean, lubed, and regulated).
  • We also specialize in high end and complicated watches such as railroad pocket watches, chronographs, and repeaters.
  • Our custom tooling is unprecedented, and we are able to offer custom parts replication, custom tooling, custom manufacturing, and a huge inventory of antique parts and tools.
  • Please contact us for more information.

Custom Jewelry

We are delighted to offer made-to-order custom jewelry. We can start from a photograph or a simple sketch on a napkin, creating the piece of jewelry of your dreams for the one you love.

Personal Asset Brokerage

Imagine you have an heirloom family asset or valuable item in your personal collection. You have found that you don’t know the best place to sell your item for the maximum value. This is where Premier’s personal asset brokerage becomes your best ally. By taking your personal item and finding the perfect venue to sell it in, Premier will maximize the return on your money in the current market. Inquire for more details.