Who We Are

Jeremy Bus
CEO, Owner and Head of Acquisitions

Jeremy Bus is well qualified to meet the demands of his valued customers. His first experience with handling evaluations and trades began at fourteen years old. Jeremy was asked to evaluate and price a Golden Age comic book collection, which he successfully sold at fair market value. Since that first transaction, Jeremy’s knowledge and experience has grown. With over fourteen years of professional experience, Jeremy has an extensive experience in repairing and evaluating vintage and antique timepieces, comic books, fine art, and currency. Jeremy is most proud of his loyal customer base, and he receives great satisfaction from his satisfied customers that have come to depend and rely on the fair, honest and dignified service he continually provides.

Joel Bus
Head of Store Operations and Customer Representative

With twenty five years of experience in total estate evaluation, Joel Bus is one of our most experienced associates. He has an extensive background in estates, sports cards and memorabilia, and uses his vast knowledge base to help people every day. Joel is an excellent customer representative and values his interaction with customers and clients. He truly enjoys working with people to secure the best deal for their most prized possessions.

George Calmes
Horologist and Customer Representative

With twenty four years of experience, George David Calmes is unquestionably our resident “expert”. Well-versed in horology (the study of time/timepieces), vintage HiFi and vacuum tube technology, George diligently and effectively deals with many areas of our business. Learning from an Austrian master in Los Angeles, California, George’s passion for timepieces is unbounded. His background includes the Panda America Shopping Network, and many private extensive collections. George worked for many years studying, researching, repairing, and dealing timepieces in all aspects of the field. While he most enjoys the proverbial “hunt” of finding new treasures, George is also delighted to help customers learn more about the valuable pieces they have, restoring them to the state they deserve.

Terry Blochberger
Lead Watch Maker

After qualifying and earning the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking diploma, Terry Blochberger has been meticulously repairing watches for thirty years. Terry particularly enjoys taking an old broken, neglected time piece and bringing it back to life, restoring as close to the original as possible. When he hands it back to the customer and hears, “is that my watch?” Terry knows he has completed a job well done. Terry has extensive knowledge and experience in working in all phases of watch repair from simple quartz to complicated chronographs. After his schooling, Terry was trained by three different watch makers and he continues to learn every day. Because honesty and trust are hard to find, if Terry feels the cost of the work exceeds the value of the watch, he will always let the customer know.

Taylor Perk
Office Manager and Head of Internet Marketing

Taylor Perk is the newest member to join Premier Gold, Silver & Coins. A new resident to the Western New York area, Taylor has the pleasure of gaining on the job experience in the gold, silver, coin, and antique industries. She has worked for three years in office management, and is well-versed in social media and internet advertising. After stumbling upon a very rare Leica camera, she too has found her passion in providing new identities and homes to valuable items.