Watch Repair Pricing

Here is a basic pricing guide. Prices may vary depending on the type or grade of watch and availability of parts.

We offer a wide range of services, not all of which are listed, but this price list is intended to give you a rough idea of the cost for various parts and services.

Warranty Info: All repairs receive a 1 year limited warranty*

Cleaning, Oiling, and adjusting

When cleaned, oiled, and adjusted, the timepiece is disassembled, checked thoroughly for problems, ultrasonically cleaned, reassembled, and lubricated with the highest quality lubricants to factory specs.

Base Charge (Mechanical)$120

Base Charge (Quartz)$90

Base Charge (Chronograph)$250

Where applicable, add the following to the base charge:







Balance Staff – Wrist Watch$50

Balance Staff – Pocket Watch$75

Main Spring$30

Stem Install$24

Crown$22 minimum

Dial Refinish$75 minimum

Crystal – Round$35 minimum

Crystal – Fancy$40 minimum

Balance Work and Repairs$100 minimum

Machine Work (pivots, wheels, staffs, stems)$65/hr

Specific Watches




Patek Philipe$450

Tag Heuer$250

Vacheron Constantin$250

RepeatersQuote Only

Antique Pocket Watch$150

Railroad PW$175

Hamilton Electrics$225

Note: the following discounts apply for volume – mix and match any type of watch listed above. This does not have to be all one type of watch, e.g. all Automatic, all Chronograph.

  • 15 pcs per month – 20%
  • 25 pcs per month – 25%

All prices are for installation only. The actual parts price is not included.

Warranty covers all workmanship on your watch. Any defects from manufacturing or age not our responsibility. Parts and material are not covered under the warranty. Any damage by the users from use or wear are not our responsibility.