Very nice and trustworthy they pay what your jewelry is worth. If you have anything to sell save yourself a trip and go here first! – Karianne

Great experience from start to finish, the co owner explained the process to me in addition to giving me a great price on my gold. I would not hesitate to use their services again or recommend them! – Andrea L

I was very very happy with Premier Gold ! After checking five places they were the top dollar and very professional. I’m very happy and have made numerous trips back over the last 3 months as well as sending family and friends there. I would recommend to anyone! Very pleased! – Robert

I would 100% recommend them to everybody. They are not looking to take advantage of you money wise, they are polite, honest and patient, they take the time to explain everything to you and give you the money you deserve for your items. It is so nice to know there are still businesses out there that are not looking to screw you over. This was the first time I did business with Premier Gold and I am so happy I went there and I will never go any where else when it comes to selling my old jewelry or coins. – Holly

“I have been buying and selling for over 10 years now. The first thing we all say after the buyer gives us their offer is “is that the best you can do?” I can honestly say that did not even enter my mind when dealing with Premier. They did not only give me the value I was looking for, but gave me more than expected. On one occasion, when entering the store I was presented with cash from the previous sale I made. Premier advised they under-bought one of my items and were now giving me the difference. Wow, that was a shocker! I fully trust this company with items of mine and have left things behind to be researched for value. They have a refreshing feeling of honesty and a great group of guys to work with. Don’t feel embarrassed to bring it in, big or small they will thank you for your business even if it’s nothing at all.” – Victoria Guanci

“In every in instance, Premier was honest and knowledgeable. Even if it was something that wasn’t really his ‘cup of tea’, he didn’t pretend to know everything about it but knew someone who did and we all got the results that we wanted out of the merchandise. Premier took their time to go over everything with me and let me know what I had or didn’t have and why. As promised, as more stuff sold, the more money I would get out of it. These guys haven’t let me down yet and I would highly recommend that anyone do business with Premier. Take it from me… you won’t be disappointed!” – Gaetano Castellino

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