Picking Up Your Toys

Is there a gold mine hiding in your parents’ attic?

When you were a kid, your parents doubtlessly told you to get your toys off the floor. Although they probably don’t have to navigate a deadly minefield of stray Lego pieces nowadays, you now have even more incentive to clean up after yourself: money.

If you’re like most people, it’s likely that your parents are still sitting on an attic full of your stuff that got left behind when you went to college or started your own life. All the possessions they classified as mere junk and threw in boxes could actually be worth quite a lot.

The Hidden Dangers of Free Storage

Let’s face it, it’s nice to have your parents’ Buffalo, NY, home for storing things you can’t be bothered to keep track of yourself. You usually don’t have to pay money for the privilege, and if you’re lucky, they’ll even call you before they decide to throw everything away so they can make space for a new sun room.

Free storage isn’t perfect, however. Old comic books, plastic toys and other items deteriorate in hot attics and closets, and their value takes a hit in the process. If you ever hope to make a few bucks from those rare collectors’ items, you’ll get them out of Mom and Dad’s house and into the hands of professional comic book and toy buyers as soon as possible.

Understanding Collectible Value

The accepted values of classic comic books and toys fluctuate wildly. Although most valuations generally increase over time, a casual glance at the sales statistics for specific comics shows that the condition of a particular item can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Before trying to sell your collectible toys on your own, it’s smart to talk to someone who actually knows the market. Online traders aren’t always willing to pay the prices your items deserve, and unless you can meet in person, you have few guarantees. After clearing out some space so that your poor parents can finally breathe again, be certain to take your treasures to someone reputable to learn more about what they’re actually worth.

Finally, remember that a relatively low percentage of casual buyers actually know the value of what you have to offer. The older and more vintage an item becomes, the less likely it is that people are going to recognize it for what it’s worth and pay in kind.

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