Reinvention: Turning Sentiments into Fashion Statements

There are many jewelry pieces that make a great statement for a set period of time but later lose their appeal and find their way into the back of the jewelry box. Whether it’s an old class ring, damaged pendant or charm bracelet that you no longer wear, unused jewelry can be turned into stunning, custom pieces to be worn for years to come. Turning old sentiments into new fashion statements reinvents pieces you haven’t worn in years so that you can pay tribute to the past while living in the now.

Remaking Old Jewelry into Custom Pieces

It’s time to clean out your jewelry box, but you’re unsure of what you should do with items that you don’t wear. You might have pendants, pins or bracelets that were given to you as gifts years ago. Perhaps you’ve held onto your class ring and necklaces that you wore to school dances, but they are simply too dated or too small to wear as an adult. While selling or tossing these pieces might seem like options to some, it’s much smarter to give old jewelry new life through a custom design.

When you work with a jeweler to create a custom item from an older piece of jewelry, you’ll be able to work from the piece’s current design for inspiration or you might create an entirely new design using the old piece’s elements. For example, you might have an antique ring that has lost its stones re-set with new gemstones or with stones from another old piece in your jewelry box. With a piece such as a class ring, it might make more sense to use the metal and stone to create a new ring or a pendant that will remind you of your high school.

How to Create Custom Jewelry Designs

If you have older jewelry pieces that you want to recycle into new fashions, the first step is to work with a qualified custom jeweler. We can help you come up with a striking design and can explain any issues or concerns with using older pieces to make new designs.

Having fun with your style is the key to creating custom jewelry that you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come. Let how you’ll wear the jewelry guide you as you make decisions about a new, custom jewelry piece. Many residents of the greater Cheektowaga area turn to Premier Gold, Silver and Coins for help with custom jewelry designs. Call or drop by to talk with us about bringing new life to old pieces.

What’s That On Your Wrist? Determining if Your Antique Watch is Trash or Treasure

antique watch appraisalWhether it’s a beloved family heirloom or a recent yard sale find, an antique watch can seem like the most promising of treasures to many budding collectors. Unfortunately, not all old timepieces are worth as much as their owners hope. Figuring out the true value of an antique watch means evaluating several different factors, looking at the piece’s condition and understanding the demand for similar watches on the collector’s market. Taking time to do your research and evaluate your watch can help you determine if you’re dealing with trash or treasure.

Are You Telling the Time with Junk or a Jewel?

Antique watches make alluring collectibles because they are both beautiful and utilitarian. The variety of styles and brands available on the collector’s market means that it can be tough for the casual watch enthusiast to determine whether a given piece is trash or treasure. As you evaluate your watch, pay close attention to:

•   Age. Use manufacturer’s marks, collector’s guides and online resources to determine a rough age for the piece. Talk to an expert or consult a collector’s guide to determine how much other watches of the same age are generally worth.
•   Condition. The condition of a watch is one of the most important factors in determining its worth. Watches in excellent or good condition are generally much more valuable than watches in fair or poor condition. Restoration may be an option for salvaging damaged pieces.
•    Manufacturer. Consult a collector’s guide to determine if your watch was made by a manufacturer whose pieces are considered either particularly valuable or worthless.
•    Materials. In general, platinum is considered the most valuable material from which a watch produced after 1895 can be made. White gold, pink gold and yellow gold are also considered very valuable.

watch appraisal cheektowagaWhen it comes to deciding if the material from which a watch is made adds to its value, it’s also important to remember that some metals are more valuable depending on the era when they were produced. For example, steel watches made during World War II, when the use of steel was restricted, are very valuable. Be sure to consider how age and other factors interact to determine the value of a timepiece.

No matter how much information you can find online and in price guides, it’s still a good idea to have your watch looked at by a specialist who can provide you with information about its age, condition and value. If the watch is damaged or broken, choose a watch repair professional who specializes in antique pieces.

Taking good care of an antique watch can mean the difference between protecting and destroying your valuables. Residents throughout Cheektowaga can turn to us at Premier Gold, Silver and Coins for all antique watch valuation, cleaning and repair needs.

$10M Gold Coin Hoard Found in Yard May Have Been Stolen From Mint

A California couple who found a stash of buried gold coins valued at $10 million may not be so lucky after all. The coins may have been stolen from the US Mint in 1900 and thus be the property of the government, according to a published report.
The San Francisco Chronicle’s website reported that a search of the Haithi Trust Digital Library provided by Northern California fishing guide Jack Trout, who is also a historian and collector of rare coins, turned up the news of the theft.
The California couple, who have not been identified, spotted the edge of an old can on a path they had hiked many times before several months ago. Poking at the can was the first step in uncovering a buried treasure of rare coins estimated to be worth $10 million.
“It was like finding a hot potato,” the couple told coin expert Don Kagin from Kagin’s, Inc. The couple hired the president of Kagin’s, Inc. and Holabird-Kagin Americana, a western Americana dealer and auctioneer, to represent them.
The coins are mostly uncirculated and in mint condition, and they add up in face value to $27,000. “Those two facts are a match of the gold heist in 1900 from the San Francisco Mint,” the newspaper reported.
Jack Trout told the paper that an 1866 Liberty $20 gold piece without the words “In God We Trust” was part of the buried stash, and the coin may fetch over $1 million at auction because it’s so rare.
“This was someone’s private coin, created by the mint manager or someone with access to the inner workings of the Old Granite Lady (San Francisco Mint),” Trout told the newspaper. “It was likely created in revenge for the assassination of Lincoln the previous year (April 14, 1865). I don’t believe that coin ever left The Mint until the robbery. For it to show up as part of the treasure find links it directly to that inside job at the turn of the century at the San Francisco Mint.”
Mint spokesman Adam Stump issued this statement when contacted today by ABC News: “We do not have any information linking the Saddle Ridge Hoard coins to any thefts at any United States Mint facility. Surviving agency records from the San Francisco Mint have been retired to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), under Record Group 104. Access to the records is under NARA’s jurisdiction:”
Last week, when news of the stash first broke, coin dealer Kagin spoke about the rarity of such a find.
“Since 1981, people have been coming to us with one or two coins they find worth a few thousand dollars, but this is the first time we get someone with a whole cache of buried coins… It is a million to one chance, even harder than winning the lottery,” Kagin told
“Nearly all of the 1,427 coins, dating from 1847 to 1894, are in uncirculated, mint condition,” Kagin told–abc-news-personal-finance.html?vp=1

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