5 Famous and Rare Coins

The most valuable coins to look for at coin shops

Do you know where to sell your rare coins?Most U.S. currency is only worth its face value, but there are some items that coin appraisers and collectors spend an extensive amount of time looking for. In fact, it’s possible for a coin to increase in value by 10 million times from the moment that it’s minted until two centuries later. This knowledge makes it more important than ever for people to connect with a professional coin appraiser such as Premier Gold, Silver & Coins before they sell their collections, so they don’t end up losing out on a lot of money.

What Are the Most Valuable Coins in America?

1. 1804 Silver Dollar – This one coin could transform your life if you happen to have it sitting in storage. At the current time, there are only 19 of these coins known to be in existence, and you could receive up to $10 million if you have an 1804 Silver Dollar that’s in good condition.

2. 1933 Double Eagle – If you’re the lucky owner of the only legally owned 1933 Double Eagle coin in existence, you’ll have the opportunity to cash it in for approximately $8.5 million. This coin was never put into official circulation, and it’s believed that there are somewhere between one and five of them that were not seized by the Secret Service and melted down.

3. 1913 Liberty Nickel – The U.S. Mint is extremely particular about how coins are created and which ones are put in circulation. Therefore, it seems almost like an urban legend that the Liberty Nickel was somehow produced by the U.S. mint without there being any official approval or even knowledge of this event. However, there are at least five examples of this highly valuable coin in existence, and they’re each estimated to be worth $5.9 million.

4. 1804 Eagle Gold with a Capped Bust – These coins were actually minted in 1834, but they had the 1804 date placed on them because they were intended to be used solely for diplomatic presentations. Only four of the 1804 Eagle Gold coins have been verified to still be in existence, and purchasing one is likely to cost you $5.1 million.

5. 1861 Double Eagle With a Coronet Paquet Reverse – The U.S. Mint made the decision to halt the production of the 1861 Double Eagle in order to incorporate some last-minute revisions to the design. Luckily for collectors, this didn’t happen until at least two of these coins were produced. They’re currently valued at $4.4 million each, so anyone who has one should definitely be taking proper care of it.

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